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Chris is an accomplished writer, director and producer. Click the icon to view or download a list of all productions that Chris has written and/or directed. 

Note this list does NOT include scripts that were written but not produced. 
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These are a selection of Chris' shows that are available for booking in theatres and other venues. Click on a poster below to find out more about each show.
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Bad Dad is a semi-autobiographical show that chronicles the trials and tribulations of becoming a first-time father. It is a gloriously funny, brutally honest account of Dingli's experience as a father so far.

Bad Dad has delighted audiences in London, Toronto, Vancouver, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Brighton Fringe Festival, Birmingham, Windsor (ON), Calgary, and Malta.

“Hilariously memorable… had everyone in stitches from the word go… it has been a while since I laughed so much during a theatre performance”




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The Comedy Knights tackle social distancing in a brand new show. As the world grapples with a new reality, the Comedy Knights employ their usual sense of humour and wit to imagine how a socially distanced society could work. Sketches, songs and special guests take to the stage in a live Comedy Knights performance with a difference. New characters, new cast, new show. The Comedy Knights’ Socially Distanced Comedy Show.

The New Normal premiered at the APS Summer Festival, a socially-distanced outdoor festival, in July 2020.

The New Normal is available for corporate and private events, as well as festivals. It has been designed to accommodate social-distancing guidelines. It can also be adapted to suit most venues.



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Bad Choices is Chris' stand up comedy special. Over the course of an hour, Chris talks us through a series of life choices, each incredibly cringe-worthy or embarrassing, all equally hilarious. If you ever want to feel good about yourself and your life, watch this show!

"From the impossibility of having sex in a hammock to the Uber ride from hell, this show had people howling and wiping tears from their eyes"



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Biting satire and hilarious social commentary! The Comedy Knights is a laugh-a-minute topical sketch show that brings big laughs and even bigger audiences!


Now in its seventh year, this show has spawned a spin-off TV series and a cabaret show, but the flagship remains the annual live show in December. Demand for tickets is enormous with the entire run selling out very quickly.


With characters and catch-phrases from the show now firmly part of Maltese popular culture, The Comedy Knights have become the unmissable event of the year.

"A year in satirical review is what the Comedy Knights are specialising in; and they’ve certainly hit upon the winning formula... Dingli managed to bring the house down with his naturally charismatic funny-man acts and his talent for witty scriptwriting."


Macbeth Shakeshorts Schools Screening On

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Shakeshorts was nominated for a Premju għall-Arti (national arts award) 2018. Il-Premju għall-Arti is an initiative of Arts Council Malta through the National Fund for Artistic Excellence within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.

Shakeshorts presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears! I come to present Shakespeare like he hath never been seen before upon thine eyes! Aye, tis true - thou must believe me - Shakespeare’s plays are most full of jollity, excitement and naughtiness… perfect for young minds full of mischief.


Shakeshorts presenteth unto you, a rendition of Shakespeare that hath been condensed in length and acted out in brevity using wit, jest and silly hats.

This most excellent show is written by Chris Dingli (with the help of one William Shakespeare), and is presented by no more bodies than can sit in the front seat of a carriage. In duration, it lasts less than the length of time it takes to wax a coxcomb (under an hour). Thy kids will not sit passively by

and watch some old (well 30-something) fart drone on about the Big S. Nay! Children verily will be encouraged to participate and will experience to world of the play itself!


Written and performed in a humorous style that will allow children to enjoy the stories, and identify with themes and characters whilst gaining confidence with the language, Shakeshorts is most certainly an excellent introduction to Shakespeare (and medieval insults, but that’s just a bonus).

Shakeshorts presents A Midsummer Night's Dream was commissioned by and first performed at ŻiguŻajg International Arts Festival for Children and Young People, in November 2016

"Amazing! Well done for managing to include the children in the show and for entertaining adults and kids at the same time!" - Elena (Mother of child aged 7)

"My daughters loved it and so did I. Hilarious and a great way of presenting Shakespeare. We look forward to your next creation" - Jeanette (Mother of children aged 11 & 13)

Shakeshorts presents Macbeth...


Or rather, an imaginative retelling of The Scottish Play in which we attempt to never mention the title of the play or the name of the main character (it’s considered to be bad luck, you see).


Even though the actual play is a tragedy, this version highlights comedic elements in the plot and characters. It sounds impossible to do so without compromising the nature of the work, but somehow we manage to convey the plot, characters, themes and other elements of the play in a fun way, whilst remaining relatively true to the actual play.


Outrageous Scottish accents and bagpipes naturally abound, as do supernatural elements.


It’s an interactive piece, with students participating in the action, helping to drive the show. In this way, they come to understand the story, the characters and the themes in the play, whilst also familiarising themselves with some of Shakespeare’s language.



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Battleship premiered at the Malta International Theatre Festival 2017, where it placed first runner-up in the Best Production category and first runner-up in the Audience Choice Award.

Battleship is a dramatic one-man show written by Chris Dingli.


In the year 1565, the Ottoman Empire sent a fleet of over 200 ships to invade Malta and take the island from the Order of the Knights of St John. The man tasked with the job of defending the island was the Grand Master, Jean Parisot de la Valette.


Set within the Grand Master's war room, this monologue explores the pressures of leading an army that is outnumbered, underfunded and demoralised. It looks at the solitude of leadership and explores the person who was to become a legend in the history of Malta and the Order of the Knights of St John.

Photo credit: Mario Casha Photography.


GoT in 60mins: The Unauthorised Parody

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GoT in 60mins: The Unauthorised Parody is a Comedy Knights Production.

All 8 Seasons of GoT in just 60 Mins!

Tell your family, friends foes or anyone from Westeros - this HILARIOUS fast paced comedy which will leave you in stitches!


Are you mad about Game of Thrones and simply cannot get enough of it?  Or have you never watched the show and wonder what all the fuss was about?  If you fall into either of these categories or anywhere in between, we have the answer for you! 

Game of Thrones in 60 Mins: The Unofficial Parody - ALL 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones packed into 60 minutes, taking you on a hilarious journey through the Seven Kingdoms, from Winterfell to The Westerlands and everywhere in between! 

Written by Chris Dingli and directed By Wesley Ellul, this show will give you a hilarious take on all the good, bad and very naughty stuff that went down in the realm of the Seven Kingdoms, while reenacting some of the saga's most iconic scenes!

Dragons, Death and Nudity are assured! 


Bach to School: Crazy Composers and their Mind-Blowing Music


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Written by:

Chris Dingli

J.S. Bach

J.C. Bach

C.P.E. Bach

I'll.B. Bach

All the other Bachs

We tend to view famous composers as stuffy old geriatrics in wigs, but many were the rockstars of their day. Geniuses who created music that told stories and expressed emotion that still lives with us today.


Through this production, young adult audiences will get to explore different pieces of orchestral music and the stories told through them, whilst also getting to know the composers on a personal level. They will be exposed to the sight of some of the music being played live by a musician who will also experiment with different pieces of music, incorporating suggestions from the students. 


We will also discover the different sections of an orchestra, the difference between pieces of music (eg: sonata vs symphony) and the biggest mystery of all: what does a conductor actually do?


It’s humorous, entertaining and musical!


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New One Man Show, August 2021


Musical Comedy Show, March 2022


Chris' shows are available for private hire at festivals, concerts and other events. To enquire about booking a show, please complete and send the form below