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Mark and Chloe are moving in together. They’re flat hunting and when choosing somewhere to live, Mark is adamant that the new place must fulfil one and only one condition: the toilet seat must stay up when lifted. A romantic comedy short about relationships, obsession and toilets.

Short Film, Comedy. Completed January 2018.

Director: Remi King

Written By: Chris Dingli

Cast: Chris Dingli, Charlotte Donachie, Sarah Naudi, Malcolm Galea

“Script elevates bathroom humor as a genre... has a strong female protagonist... narration is well written in the style of “Arrested Development.” In funny and well timed ways, it observes, it implores, it clarifies, and it comments... has a lot of funny physical comedy... The story ends on the perfect note.”



Biting satire and hilarious social commentary! The Comedy Knights TV Shorts was a topical sketch show that aired nationally in Malta in the spring of 2015.


An off-shoot of the hugely popular annual stage show The Comedy Knights, this series spawned a number of viral videos in Malta, especially those featuring characters and catch-phrases from the show that are (for better or worse!) now firmly part of Maltese popular culture.

Originally aired: May 2015

Network: NET TV Malta

Language: English, Maltese

Produced by: The Comedy Knights

Number of episodes: 35

Directed by: Wesley Ellul

Written by: Chris Dingli (Head Writer), Steve Hili

Cast (main): Chris Dingli, Jo Caruana, Pia Zammit, Steve Hili, Marc Cabourdin, Colin Fitz



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